Production Hall of DELTA ELECTRONICS

The production area of Delta, Ltd. consists of two main, functional and operational parts. Manufacturing hall and warehouse is designed as a single-storey concrete skeleton building. Here's headquarters manufacturing and warehouse space. Part of the hall in the production area is designed as a two-storey object. The ground floor is used for workshop and storage section, floor is designed for office space belongs to manufacturing division, purpose connected with the administrative part. The administration part consists of three-storey structural object divided by fire wall from production part. There are located office part, dining areas, locker rooms and facilities. In the administrative part are also technical utilities.

Acacias Residences

The first part of the complex is designed as a residential building with apartments on above-ground floors. Each of the three floors contains 4 apartments. First underground floor is designed as a lobby, north-east part of the building is dedicated to the retail store with all utilities and independent entrance. Second part is also designed as a residential apartment building with apartments and studios on both, under and above the ground floors. There are 9 apartments and 6 studios. Third floors of both buildings are built with the aspect of spacious terraces.

SCHINDLER eskalators – storage hall

Construction of factory building and showroom, including external drainage, water and paved areas. The Showroom is positioned glass-enclosed escalator and elevator with glass.