WeblogoIN VEST s.r.o. Has been operating on the market since 1992. Over more than twenty years of development, the company has continuously grown and structured.

Today, the company’s plants in Šali, Bratislava and Geča in Košice allow us to operate throughout the Slovak market. We do business in general construction and engineering, but also in the field of building materials. We offer turn-key construction, but also partial performance with our own capacities, serious access, warranty and post-warranty service.

In construction we specialize in:

– management and implementation of land civil, commercial and industrial buildings,

– manufacture of reinforced concrete prefabricated structures, prestressed bridge elements, pre-stressed binders and filigree.

In mechanical engineering we specialize in the production of chemical and power machines, pressure vessels, evaporators, exchangers and columns produced in a separate plant in Shali.

In two separate plants in Shali and Gechi in Košice we produce a wide range of concrete paving, curbs and gardening elements that our customers can find in STAVMAT buildings throughout the whole of Slovakia.