Company IN VEST Ltd. belongs to the most significant building construction companies in Slovakia. The main target of the company is to optimally meet the customers’ requirements for quality and to guarantee health and safety and environmental management. Based on a certification audit the company answer the requirements of quality management system by the norm STN EN ISO 9001:2001, environmental management by STN EN ISO 14001:2005 and health and safety management by STN OHSAS 18001:2008.

The history of the prefabrication production started in 2000. The production range of goods consisted of prefabricated elements assigned for family houses, shopping centres, blocks of flats.

The company IN VEST Ltd. provide custom-made production, production of precast elements for skeleton structures, reinforced concrete structures, wall precast elements with and without surface modification and bridge prestressed beams and production of reinforced cages, cutting and bending of armature.
In 2008 the construction of a new modern hall was finished- it was assigned for the production of prestressed precast elements. The plant PREFA was established by implementation of new production line. The main target of the plant is the production of precast elements STN EN 13369- bar beams, STN EN 13225- skeleton structures, production of “I” formed bridge prestressed beams in length 18-21-24-27-30 m STN EN 1992-2, STN EN 15050, decks for filigree ceilings STN EN 13747, foundation elements STN EN 14991, foundation piles STN EN 12794, wall elements STN EN 14992, balcony plates TO- 09/0169, parapet precast elements TO- 10/0022, reinforced concrete constructions according to delivered project documentation (STN EN 13369, STN EN 206-1).

Development of the production line enabled a production of complete skeleton structures assigned for construction of production halls, shopping centres and execution of turnkey projects. Production facility of armed reinforcement was modernized so that reinforced cages for own needs and custom-made cages can be produced.

The production selection was expanded by production of bridge prestressed beams and it was enabled by type documentation within Eurocodes STN EN 1992-2, higher quality, on time deliveries, technical and production capacities- those are the parameters why IN VEST Ltd. is among the most significant construction and production companies. Production of precast elements fulfils legislation requirements for construction elements with the Act Nr. 90/1998 about construction products.

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